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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Final Episode & Raid Mode!


If there is a Revelations 3 (And I’m SURE there will be) they better not have more lame eyeball cover art.

The final results are in! Steve-O and I have completed Revelations 2 and he has dumped many hours into Raid Mode, so it is time for the final verdict and rant session.

Before finishing Episode 4 for the first time, I read online that there are two endings. Good and Bad. Or, rather, sunshine-and-rainbows ending, or baddie-wins-and-Barry-wimps-out ending. Naturally, we got the  bad ending. Under normal circumstances I would just say “Screw it,” and watch the alternate ending on Youtube. But when I read what it was that we did “wrong” to earn the bad ending, I was obstinate in fixing it. I made Steve-O play through Claire’s long and drawn out Episode 3 again. Not once, but twice.

See, the QTE prompt the game wants you to do isn’t quite as obvious when playing co-op. As a matter of fact, the prompts that Moira is supposed to do (to get the good ending) is only on Claire’s screen! Pardon me for not realizing the first time we played it that I was supposed to be doing what was on player one’s screen. Can’t say as that’s a habit of mine. And the second time I mashed the button and nothing happened fast enough, plus I think Steve responded to the QTE by habit. Can’t quite remember. But anyway, we slogged through that painful chapter 2 more times to earn the good ending. For the extra scenes and boss fight it was definitely worth it.

The two parts of Episode 4 are quite different from each other. Claire’s segment, which is shorter than we expected, is essentially a timed Run For Your Life Before the Building Explodes! adrenaline rush. I don’t dare comment much else on it, only that it is about half the length of Barry’s adventure.

Barry’s trip through the same places 6 months later is more eventful, albeit not with the “flying by the seat of your pants adrenaline rush” kind of eventful. Instead, he has quite a bit of wandering around to do, followed by a final boss fight that really holds no surprises. Playing as the support character really sucks during boss fights… All I get to do is collect ammo and not get killed. I did toss a couple of bricks at the boss when I had nothing better to do. I really liked the boss design… it was really twisted. I guess I shouldn’t post a picture in case people don’t like jerks like me spoiling that kind of stuff, but I was reminded of The Evil Within recurring boss:


Remember her?

The good ending was satisfying. I would’ve even been okay with the bad ending if there was, I dunno, more. But it was pretty abrupt and doesn’t show any of Claire’s aftermath like the good ending does.

If you pre-order the entire season or wait and get the disc release, you’re treated with two extra episodes. Moira-centric and Natalia-centric tidbits that allow us to see a bit more of them. Moira’s chapter is far superior and was quite fun. In her episode, you explore her time spent on the island with the old Russian man, Evgeny. He is the co-op or AI character. And he’s hilarious. Evgeny is a combination of your typical “grumpy old man” and “Russian man” stereotypes rolled into one awesome package. He really warmed on me during their short time together.

Natalia’s episode was quite painful. While playing it, I kept suffering flashbacks to all the Legend of Zelda “stealth” sections I’ve ever played. It feels like it’s on every action game’s checklist now. Incorporate a lengthy, OHK stealth section where the player has to restart at the checkpoint if the AI detects them around corners, through walls, or across the room? Check! This episode does little beside delve a bit further into Natalia’s fractured psyche and over-reliance on a stuffed animal as a coping mechanism. Yawn! As a general rule, I hate main characters in anime and video games who are under the age of 13, so I couldn’t have cared less about Natalia. I know, I’m a meanie.

Not only did we replay almost half the game to unlock the good ending and play the extra episodes, we also spent more time in Raid Mode. Well, really, it was 95% Steve-O because that’s more his cup of tea. For those of you who enjoy grinding, leveling up characters RPG style, and progressively collecting better loot and weapons, this is for you. There are dozens and dozens of hours to be dropped into Raid Mode missions and Dailies (If your system is online). Hell, I’d argue that the Raid Mode itself is easily worth at least half the price tag.

I’m at the point where I don’t expect Resident Evil games to revert back to their former glory (when they were actually, you know, scary). So, instead, I approach new releases with more of a “Did the game entertain me more than I hated it?” approach. Playing the game in co-op mode, yes, it did. Our “Uncle Barry” jokes, compiled with his terribly corny but awesome throwbacks and Moira’s sailor mouth gave the two of us enough fodder to laugh through a lot of the questionable development decisions. I’m not entirely sure how much I could stomach if I played the game solo and had to swap characters 100 times per episode because the AI is crap.


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