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RE Revelations 2 Episode 2: Contemplation


Now we know who/what this eyeball belongs to!

Another week, another episode of Revelations 2. There were a couple switch ups and unexpecteds this week. We finally got some disposition here, and discovered who The Overseer is. It isn’t who we guessed it would be. Both of us were pleasantly surprised by the villain du jour. Surprised by her family tree, that is. And fashion sense.

Claire and Moira’s bit has evolved nicely. It felt less like The Evil Within and more in line with the survival-horror-action-whatever genre that I expected. Claire gets another shotgun, which I thought was kinda weird. I’m not entirely sure why she didn’t get another weapon type. But it’s a shotgun that can hold more rounds so Steve-O wouldn’t let me complain about it. Their final boss fight was a bit annoying… It reminded me of the fight in The Last of Us against the bloater thing: enclosed room housing a fat enemy that shoots projectiles at you while his buddies materialize out of the ether to attack you. We died during our first attempt. Then, realizing it was the final boss fight, unloaded all of the bombs we’d  been stocking up, and killed him easily.

Barry’s section didn’t go quite so smoothly. While he DID get an awesome rifle which Steve-O put to good use, we were also pitted against some annoying new enemies which highlighted the worst aspects of these survival horror-action hybrid games. Limited ammo + INVISIBLE enemies that you can’t stealth/run away from = Not fun, not survival horror, not anything but stupid. Well, it is an exercise in teamwork if you’re playing co-op. As Natalie, I had to point at invisible flying insects (Yes, it’s as dumb as it sounds) so Barry could blindly shoot at them. This did lead to some wasted bullets, as you can imagine. Between those and the rotting zombies and the exploding larvae sacks on the ground, we didn’t have much for ammunition when it was final boss fight time. Steve-O literally knifed the boss to death because he was outta ammo.

It’s also complete and utter bullshit that Barry doesn’t wield that drill like the badass melee weapon it could be. Imagine how many rotting zombies you could impale on that thing!

I really wish Natalie could throw something besides bricks. Did Capcom think it would be too edgy for their sweet, innocent monster-psychic to throw molotovs and smoke bombs? Please. I’d like something to do besides point at a monster’s weakspot, if that’s not asking too much. At least Moira can swing a crowbar AND throw homemade bottle bombs.

Well, that’s about all I have to say about this episode. Invisible flying insects aside, I found this episode to be a vast improvement over the first. Now that we’ve been given some information about The Overseer, I’m actually somewhat curious about how the story will progress! I’m not entirely certain the last time a Resident Evil game has done that to me.


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