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Telltale’s Game of Thrones: Episode 1


Not to be confused with the actual HBO show.

I finally had the chance to sit through not one, but two playthroughs of the first episode of Telltale Game’s project revolving around HBO’s Game of Thrones. As a consumer of both the books and HBO series, I was pretty excited when I found out a developer whose games I enjoyed was doing a GoT series. I had no doubt that the writers behind The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, along with George R.R. Martin’s assistant, could pull off a GoT story.

First things first. This is not for people new to the GoT world. In fact, Episode One drops you right in the middle of a pretty big event in GoT canon, and assumes the player already knows what the aftermath is going to be. So definitely don’t play this unless you’ve watched at least through season 3 of the HBO series. (Or read the books). Not only will you spoil events for yourself, you’ll also be a little confused. The setting, culture, and main characters have no background stories attached to the video game because there’s hardly any reason to be playing it unless you’re already a GoT fan. Being exclusively a TTG fan is only going to get you so far in an entirely narrative-driven game.

From what I understand, this game is set to fit within GoT canon. The main characters come from a lesser family briefly mentioned in the books: The Forresters. You know, alongside the dozens of other families and banners and crap that R.R. Martin enjoys spending valuable page space listing for little-to-no reason. *Ahem* The Forresters are bannermen for the Starks. Given recent developments, this becomes a precarious position, politically speaking, so Episode One features a lot of the typical GoT political dance. You’ll spend time kissing butts and carefully selecting your responses. As Lady Margaery says; there are always perceived slights that need to be smoothed over.

Speaking of the young lady who has the worst list of betrothals ever, there are a few other cameo appearances as well. All voiced by their actors, which tickled me pink. Some of them look a bit… off… but all-together I’d say they did well with the unique art style. Here are some faces you may recognize…


Drinking wine… True to his character.


Crazy Ramsay… Doing what he does best.


I think they captured her smug scowl rather swimmingly.


Margaery’s design is the weirdest to me. 

Like the series, the video game changes perspectives multiple times throughout one episode. I liked this, as it changes up the settings and characters. It really feels like you’re playing an episode of Game of Thrones. Minus the totally prude lack of nudity… There wasn’t nearly enough nudity to feel like the show.

I think this series will be a great way to hold me over until the series comes back on in April (I’m not exactly in a hurry to read the fifth book). It’s got enough cameo appearances and dark, medieval GoT charm to whet my appetite. I’m just trying not to get too attached to the characters. After all, you just never know who the writers will deem expendable next.


2 thoughts on “Telltale’s Game of Thrones: Episode 1

  1. Still haven’t got arounf to playing this. Kind of been put off by the animated graphics. Also seems like a title that would need an ending rather than a continuation. But im probably talking myself out of buying simply because I have no money to buy it with at the moment.
    Oh, and don’t bother reading the fifth book, unless your having trouble sleeping at night, then that will send you right off.
    Great review by the way.

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