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Destiny: The Dark Below


Whats up with the Warlock being all the way in the back?

I know I have a long-overdue Bayonetta 2 review to finish up, but I wanted to take a second and rant about Destiny. Namely, that the expansion drops tomorrow and I’m not level 30 yet! Bah!

I’m going to be completely headstrong and obstinate here: Tying max level to RNG is stupid. End of story, no discussion. I kept saying I’d give Destiny a break when my last piece of raid gear dropped (in my case, legs) so I’d be max level for the expansion. And, naturally, it never did. Steve-O even logged into my account and leveled a second warlock for me, thus giving me TWO chances at the drop I need every week. And nadda. Making matters worse, getting a raid together over the last few weeks has been nearly impossible. Newer, shinier games have been releasing and taking some of our core raid group away.

I could go on boards and find a random group. True. However, I have a two year old running around, being loud or playing with loud toys, and I would never subject online strangers to that. Hell, I feel guilty making friends and relatives listen to it when we’re trying to coordinate things during VoG. I can’t see doing the raid without a microphone, so randoms is out of the question for me. I’d be kicked out of the raid as soon as my kid yelled at his tablet for not loading a Youtube video fast enough, anyway.

Compiling all this with the Templar fight no longer being cheese-able (I’ve never even done that fight the legit way) and learning I’ll have to re-level any exotics I’ve maxed out, I decided to give Destiny a break the last week or so. Why pump experience into exotics when I’ll have do it all over again soon? Sorry Thunderlord and Patience and Time, you get to sit in the vault for a bit.

I’ll be popping back in to experience the changes and new content, of course, but now I’m worried I won’t get level 32 either. I guess I need to come to terms with the fact that getting max level isn’t a given in Destiny. Sure, they said raid gear will drop more often, but we’ll see. As of right now, the raid is still the only method for PvE players to get max level, and I don’t know how many people in our crew are going to stick around long enough to do the raid enough times for all of us to get the goodies. Plus, this time around, the primary weapons only drop in hard mode. And good luck getting kind, benevolent people to want to run a raid with an under-leveled person, since the damage penalty is stupidly high.

Some of the announced changes make me really happy (Not needing ascendant mats to level exotics. Yay!), and some make me uber pissed. All the changes and updates feel like a “One step forward, two steps back” for Bungie in my opinion. What do you guys think?


3 thoughts on “Destiny: The Dark Below

  1. As an exotic herder, I’m not even remotely happy. I’ve got all of the good ones capped, and am not looking forward to de-levelling them to a point before they had their unique abilities that actually made them worth using. Mention the glimmer cost involved is something like 7.5k per exotic. So you upgrade three exotics when your glimmer capped, then go farm glimmer some more and do three more. I have something like 17 exotic weapons, I’m not going to keep doing the same old grind just to get my weapon collection back to where it was before the expansion. Especially when, considering their track record thus far, I’ll have to do it again when they release House of Wolves. I’m in the same boat as you; I’ll give it try, but I seriously doubt it’ll be my go-to timesink after they crap all over my arsenal


    • Casual me only has a handful of exotics maxed, so I’m thinking re-leveling…. lets see… Ice Breaker. And Pocket Infinity. Thats it lol. With all the work you’d have ahead of you, I think I’d wait and see how this all pans out. I hope they backtrack on that decision, given the big backlash that Deej said they’ve “Taken into consideration” Plus you’ll also have the new weapons to collect and level too. >.>


  2. I gave up on Destiny long before the expansion, and none of the changes make me regret my decision lol. Our resident Destiny guy at What’s Your Tag? has been trying to see the good in it, but has finally thrown in the towel I think.

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