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The Wolf Among Us



I’m loving the color scheme.

I finished The Wolf Among Us! I really enjoyed the game, characters and story. It was a great way to continue experiencing Telltale Game’s work while taking a break from The Walking Dead.

Over the course of the five episodes, I found my opinion and relationships with characters continually fluctuating. Yeah, there were like 2 or 3 I liked or hated the entire way through, but with all the curve balls thrown my way, I couldn’t make up my mind about some of them. Which is an exception to my rule. Usually my only feelings towards video game characters are indifference or annoyance. TTG did the same thing to me with Walking Dead, so I’m happy to report their storytelling and character building are just as effective here.

One of the things that stands out to me about TWAU is the art style. Yes, it is cel-shaded like The Walking Dead, but the color scheme and setting are completely different. It’s gritty, like inner city gritty and downtrodden; whereas Walking Dead is like, gory and zombie apocalypse desolate. I also really liked most of the character designs. Many of them have very subtle tie-ins to their fairy tale origins. Others are, well, still animals and such. And their voice acting is excellent! Melissa Hutchinson, who voices Clementine in Walking Dead, voices not one, but TWO characters. And pretty much all the other voicing is just as spot-on as her work.

Part of me wants to read the comic series; if, for nothing else, to at least get some background on the lore. There are, um, discrepancies in the story that I have some beef with. The thing is, knowing only what I’m presented with in the game makes it look like things are happening a certain way due to plot convenience when, in fact, there actually is a logical reason why it happened. The game just doesn’t bother to explain how or why. Also, TWAU is set to  be a canon prelude to the comics. I’d like to know if it’s feasible for the game series to continue on, or if I should just be satisfied with the cliffhanger at the end.

Other than my usual gripes about “decisions” not really meaning much in the long run and loading screen freeze-ups; I recommend this game just as much or more than The Walking Dead. In fact, right now Telltale can do no wrong in my eyes. In spite of my initial doubts, I’m eagerly anticipating their take on Game of Thrones and Borderlands. But if the Borderlands one isn’t a comedy, I quit.


4 thoughts on “The Wolf Among Us

  1. Waiting for this to come out on Vita to play it but I loved Walking Dead. I found myself trying desperately to make my character do stuff that would make me like him but sometimes it was fun to do something just completely terrible to mix it up.


  2. I bought the season pass for this after I played the first episode, which I loved, when it was first released on Xbox 360. I found the whole setting and background of the story fascinating, but TTG had a problem with the second episode and didn’t release it for a couple of months (if i remember correctly) and so my excitement for it died down and I didn’t go back. I need to go back at some point as it seems like something I really shouldn’t miss, especially since I have already bought!


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