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The Walking Dead Video Game- Season 2 Episode 5: No Going Back


Ah, another great ending.

I can’t contain my happiness anymore.

This post will be rife with spoilers and I don’t care.

You have been forewarned.

But before I talk about the amazing ending (Which has me jubilant, not depressed like season 1’s ending) I have one little thing I’d like to rhetorically ask:

Does no one who made this video game have a baby? I mean, Rebecca sort-of randomly turns into a zombie with a newborn on her lap, gets shot by Kenny, thus igniting a big shoot-out during which everyone on my side manages to not get killed. Luke survives getting shot in the knee only to drown in zombie-flavored water. I won’t lie, that did make me a little sad, especially since Jane came back and they maybe (?) could have worked on having a not-awkward relationship. So anyway, we’ve got a ragtag group of wandering adults, a teenage Russian hostage, and Clementine taking care of a newborn baby.

None of them are capable of making milk for said baby, in case you were wondering. And yet, the baby somehow doesn’t starve to death. It hardly makes a peep, actually. “AJ” also manages to not freeze to death during the winter nights despite only being wrapped in what appears to be a thin blanket without his face being covered. Newsflash: newborn babies are on the boob. Constantly. It helps increase milk production, assists with mother-baby bonding, and obviously keeps baby full and happy since their little digestive systems can only hold so much food at once. The game shows everyone taking turns holding the baby, yet no one is ever feeding it. Since there’s no Mommy Milk, the baby would have to drink formula, which is never seen or spoken of until near the end. “Look, formula!” … Great, where’s the clean water and bottles? Sorry, but it’s just so unrealistic. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that baby wouldn’t have survived long enough for Kenny to turn it into his new reason for living. Which, by the way, he changed more often than he changed his underwear at that point.

Now that I have that off of my chest…


Judging by the stats provided at the end of the episode, I seem to be in the minority here. I absolutely hate Kenny. I’ve hated him ever since Season 1, when after my Lee spent the entire season kissing his ass, he refused to help go save Clem. Yeah, he can suck it. Not only that, but he has proven time and again to be an unstable time bomb that brings chaos into every group situation. I don’t agree with what Mike and Bonnie did (I called Kenny and Jane for help when I caught them trying to sneak away with Arvo), but I can see why they did it. Kenny was a cancer, plain and simple.

Jane’s little ruse was justified. Kenny needed to die, and I was more than happy to pull the trigger. If you shoot him, he even tells you that you  made the right choice. I don’t need more validation than that.

I assumed that if you opted out of shooting Kenny, Jane would win the scuffle and pretty much the same ending would occur. After reading online, it appears I was wrong. There are two very different ending scenarios, which intrigues me because season 3 has been announced and there can only be VERY different experiences based on how season 2 ended for you. It’s actually enough to want to play again with the other scenario, which I can’t say I’ve had the urge to do up until now.

Season 2 had a great ending, but it was a “Great” ending in a completely different fashion than the first season (for me, anyway). I’ve enjoyed my experience with Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead series so much that I purchased the first season of “The Wolf Among Us,” on sale on PSN over the weekend. I plan on starting that if I can tear myself away from playing Diablo III: UE on the PS4 with my hubby long enough to finish Ni No Kuni. I’ve half a mind to post a separate rant about that game, but I’ll refrain for now.


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