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The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 4: Amid the Ruins


 I’ll admit… Kenny wields that crossbar like a boss.

Finally, the next installment in The Walking Dead video game has arrived! Narrative-driven games are a favorite of mine; and as painful as it is to wait two months to delve back into this zombie apocalypse, the suspense certainly makes me all the more anxious to drop whatever game I’m playing to finish the latest episode.

This time around, Clementine and company escape Crazy Carver’s commune only to be faced with Rebecca birthing a baby with no food, water, clean linens, or shelter. Thus, a bulk of this short episode is spent scavenging for supplies and finding shelter safe from the walkers. As you should know, performing the mundane tasks in the beginning of the episode serves to lure the player into a false sense of security for when the, um, severed zombie parts hit the fan?

While it is getting to the point where I can anticipate when I’m going to be given big decisions, and what I select doesn’t seem to greatly affect the narrative, I still can’t help but feel anticipation when deciding how to react in certain situations. Especially when it is choosing between two other characters that I really like. I have no issue offending Kenny, who was a complete JERK to my Lee, but I like Luke and Jane. I’ve even warmed up to Rebecca, despite how mean she was to Clementine in the first couple episodes of this season. I’m also on edge around Bonnie… I like to make her feel guilty for deceiving us still. Sorry, but giving Clementine a tacky jacket doesn’t make up for putting us in that situation in the first place.

You’re also NOT going to believe who they kill off in this episode!

Want to know? Dying to know? Then download it and play it! You’ll finish the chapter within 2 hours. It feels like the episodes are getting shorter and shorter… I hope the next one is about an hour longer. And that it comes soon, because you won’t believe the cliffhanger at the end, either!


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