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Walking Dead Video Game: In Harm’s Way (Season 2 Episode 3)


Don’t get your hopes up… No pushing out of the baby happens in this episode.

I always eagerly anticipate the next interactive episode of The Walking Dead video game. I’m happy to say this latest episode did not disappoint. In fact, I enjoyed it a lot more than the previous one. Without giving too much away, I’ll say this episode is much more satisfying for a couple of reasons; Carver’s outright psychotic behavior is fully manifested, and Kenny gets screwed over again.

I hate Kenny. Have I mentioned that before? The internet seemed to blow up with excitement when he made his surprise return this season and I was like, “Damn, I wish he was dead for reals.”

In this episode, Clementine and company are taken to Crazy Carver’s Commune and integrated into the community. Well, sort of. Before the first night they’re already planning their escape, unsurprisingly. And arguing about whether or not to do it, unsurprisingly. And arguing HOW to go about escaping. Unsurprisingly. And, as the player, you’re led to believe a little girl’s input somehow alters the adults’ ultimate decision. Regardless of whether I think any of the adults genuinely gave a damn about Clementine’s thoughts, the game still made me second-guess most of my decisions. Up until this episode, I found that decision-making anxiety almost nonexistent in season 2. There’s some big goings-ons this episode, and after the initial shock wore off I immediately started wondering “Did I do that?” (According to the Wiki page, I didn’t. Which is sort of a relief and sort of “stop making me think my choices actually mean something”)

There is one super-frustrating mechanic part that I am shamefully admitting I had to google to get by. While I felt somewhat validated after seeing someone else asked the same question, I’m still ashamed. Anyway, there’s a part where Clem is being all stealthy and trying to steal an item without drawing attention to herself. At first, the normal grab prompt shows up. Once I pressed the corresponding button, another animation I didn’t recognize showed up. It was like two halves of a square coming together. I thought that meant a timed response; to hit the grab button when the halves came together. But it’s not. You actually have to  hold the button down until a certain time. Without being told that’s what you’re supposed to do. Hopefully this will save you some frustration if you’re a dunce like me.

Aside from that isolated instance, and the same annoying lag, the latest episode is fun to play, and probably my favorite of this season so far.



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