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Smooth McGroove

Quick post to keep this blog active while I slowly work my way through Mass Effect.All my fellow video game music enthusiasts must subscribe to the following Youtube channel if you haven’t already… Smooth McGroove!:

That is his latest video. He usually posts new songs every Monday. Typically, he does acapella rearrangements of old retro favorites, but once in a great while he does covers from the PS2-era. Nintendo games seem to be favorites of his. Smooth is open to doing suggestions and such, but it is no secret he goes for whatever pulls at our nostalgic heart strings. It always wins me over.

I still have a few games and songs I’m begging him to do every week, namely Dr. Mario and any Megaman VI songs. Speaking of Megaman, his Megaman X songs (He’s done 3 so far) are amazing, and his cover of Megaman 2’s Dr. Wily stage song is totally addictive and pays great homage to that 8-bit classic.

Honestly, Smooth McGroove’s weekly video game acapella cover is the only thing I look forward to on Mondays!






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