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While browsing the Playstation Network last night, I found a handful of demos I thought would be worth checking out. I selected Devil May Cry, Epic Mickey 2, Dragon’s Dogma, Rainbow Moon and I Am Alive. As of right now, the only two I have played were the first two I mentioned. The Devil May Cry reboot looks very promising. I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the revamped battle system and the great variety the demo displayed. Having recently (and by ‘recently’ I mean within the last year) replayed the original Devil May Cry trilogy, I can remember the many aches and pains of the battle system. Despite not playing as Dante for a large portion of the game, I did enjoy Devil May Cry 4 as well. With the PAINS–excucuiating pains– of the PS2 battle systems, I totally ate up the demos style and overall intuitive controls. Holding down one of two different trigger buttons to have access to another weapon type was pretty sweet. However… it did not take me long to notice there is no lock on system in the demo. Dante automatically targets the enemy ‘closest’ to him. 

Why? WHY is there no lock-on system? I can recall being frustrated in the previous entries very many times because the AI would target a monster that, in my mind, was NOT the ideal target for the situation. Is it really such a burden on programmers or designers or whoever is in charge of that crap to do? The Kingdom Hearts games seem to realize it’s a pretty important feature for an action game. I mean, come on. (Kingdom Hearts comes to mind because I am currently playing Dream Drop Distance… hopefully I will have it completed and will have an opinion piece done on it shortly)

The Epic Mickey demo is fun for what it is. At least, what I think it is supposed to be. I have to admit, as of this posting I have not played the first one, I have only read about it. I do not have Move, so I played the demo with just the controller. While messing around with the demo, I could see myself trying to play, getting frustrated with the Wii’s clunky motion sensors and wishing I could just play it with a good old normal controller. So I’m very glad I did. Not sure if it is a game series I would like to invest my time and money on, but that is getting to my original point for writing this post.

Whatever happened to disc demo content? Have there been any recently game releases with built-in playable demos? For the life of me, I cannot remember having a demo disc since the one that came with my copy of Soul Calibur 2 on the PS2. I remember a demo disc coming with Vagrant Story. Another PS era demo disc I used to play a lot contained Tomb Raider and Gex and Parappa the Rapper. Rappa? 

I’m sure video game companies are saving themselves tons of money with the digital download demos. However, since I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen physical demos, what about the people without internet access at home? I know they exist. Wouldn’t they like to preview a game before they drop $40-$60 on it? 

And in all honesty, I’m sick of waiting for my ancient PS3 to decide to download these demos. They’re so enormous and my WiFi is only so good. I started the downloads last night. After getting home and settled for the night I turned the PS3 back on and installed/played the Epic Mickey 2 trailer. Then I left the PS3 on to continue downloading, played some of my 3DS, decided to write this post, and as of right now Dragon’s Dogma demo is still only at 71% completion. Then I still have two other demos I want to play. Maybe by Sunday they will be ready. 

I will be royally pissed if these downloads I am waiting so long to play end up being steaming piles of dog doodoo. 


One thought on “Demos

  1. I hope that by the game comes out a lock-on system is put in place. It would be greatly appreciated by us gamers! & When I downloaded the DmC demo it took like an hour and half to download and boy was I getting impatient. lol you’re not alone!


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