Hello and welcome to my blog!

For various personal and professional reasons, I decided to create an online blog. I spent weeks trying to decide what I was going to write about. Space travel? Political rants? First world problem articles? Solving world hunger?

Then I decided to cut the pretentiousness and do a blog related to gaming. I have been playing video games since I was three years old. Gaming is my favorite past time and hobby.

I plan on doing a conglomerate of different types of articles: interest, opinion pieces, reviews, lists, and anything else I can manage to form a cognitive entry about. Being a female and parent gamer, I think I have a different perspective on gaming and life compared to the stereotypical “single-young-guy-who-has-no girlfriend-living-in-his-parent’s-basement” mentality. I have known and worked with many of these types.

The only genre of games you will never see me write about are sports games. I have never been interested in sports, and thus, never really played sports games. I dabble in OTS and FPS shooters, but my favorites are RPGs and action games.

Thanks for tuning in. More articles to come in the near future!